MCBM Alumni – their oppinion

“I undoubtedly believe that the MBCM was crucial for my upbringing as a scientist. The fact that teaching was not limited to formal classes but was conveyed also through direct interaction with researchers and through hands-on lab rotations, was particularly appealing and efficacious.I feel that the way I think as a scientist has been highly influenced by the MBCM. I believe that everything I have done so far, from the most basic technical methodologies to the most elaborated theoretical treatment of complex subjects, has been supported by what I have learned, ten years ago, during the MBCM.”

Carlos Matos,
Universidade do Algarve

“The bulk of my growth as a young and enthusiastic neuroscientist took place in the MSc of Cellular and Molecular Biology. There I had the first glimpse of what was to become my major research interest and the critical support to finish my thesis abroad. The training given by this MSc turned me in a well-rounded scientist and had a decisive contribution when engaging my PhD.”

Tiago Campelo,
Universidade de Bordeaux

“Receiving my Master’s degree in Cellular and Molecular Biology from the University of Coimbra was a great way to step into the research world. As master student I started building an international network that has been essential in key moments of my career.”

Andrea Marques,
Universidade de California San Francisco