Publications including the Master’s Thesis work of MBCM alumni.


Gut-adipose tissue crosstalk: A bridge to novel therapeutic targets in metabolic syndrome? Article.
Auxin-degron system identifies immediate mechanisms of OCT4. Article.


Sex differences in offspring neurodevelopment, cognitive performance and microglia morphology associated with maternal diabetes: Putative targets for insulin therapy. Article.
Social subordination induced by early life adversity rewires inhibitory control of the prefrontal cortex via enhanced Npy1r signaling. Article.
Comparison of size distribution and (Pro249-Ser258) epitope exposure in in vitro and in vivo derived Tau fibrils. Article.
Microglia cytoarchitecture in the brain of adenosine A 2A receptor knockout mice: Brain region and sex specificities. Article.
Induction of apoptosis increases sensitivity to detect cancer mutations in plasma. Article.
An Overview of Antiretroviral Agents for Treating HIV Infection in Paediatric Population. Article.
Understanding the Binding Specificity of G-Protein Coupled Receptors toward G-Proteins and Arrestins: Application to the Dopamine Receptor Family. Article.


Mimicking Age-Associated Gadd45γ Dysregulation Results in Memory Impairments in Young Adult Mice. Article.
Mitochondrial fission requires DRP1 but not dynamins. Article.
The bystander effect contributes to the accumulation of senescent cells in vivo. Article.
Abnormal mGluR-mediated synaptic plasticity and autism-like behaviours in Gprasp2 mutant mice. Article.


FoxM1 repression during human aging leads to mitotic decline and aneuploidy-driven full senescence. Article.
Nutrient limitation affects presynaptic structures through dissociable Bassoon autophagic degradation and impaired vesicle release. Article.
Medial Frontal Lobe Neurochemistry in Autism Spectrum Disorder is Marked by Reduced N-Acetylaspartate and Unchanged Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid and Glutamate + Glutamine Levels. Article.
PROneurotrophins and CONSequences. Article.
Astroglial CB1Receptors Determine Synstroglial CB1 Receptors Determine Synaptic D-Serine Availability to Enable Recognition Memory. Article.
Toxicity of lupane derivatives on anionic membrane models, isolated rat mitochondria and selected human cell lines: Role of terminal alkyl chains. Article.
Simultaneous identification of clinically relevant single nucleotide variants, copy number alterations and gene fusions in solid tumors by targeted next-generation sequencing. Article.
A Microfluidic Culture Platform for Neurotrophin Signaling Studies. Article.
Computational Tools for the Structural Characterization of Proteins and Their Complexes from Sequence‐Evolutionary Data. Article.
In Silico Studies Targeting G-protein Coupled Receptors for Drug Research Against Parkinson’s Disease. Article.
Computational Approaches in Antibody-drug Conjugate Optimization for Targeted Cancer Therapy. Article.


The RNA-Binding Protein hnRNP K Mediates the Effect of BDNF on Dendritic mRNA Metabolism and Regulates Synaptic NMDA Receptors in Hippocampal Neurons. Article.
Spoton: A Machine-Learning Approach for Hot-Spot Determination. Article.
High-throughput screening uncovers miRNAs enhancing glioblastoma cell susceptibility to tyrosine kinase inhibitors. Article.
Mitochondria in Excitatory and Inhibitory Synapses have Similar Susceptibility to Amyloid-β Peptides Modeling Alzheimer’s Disease. Article.
SpotOn: High Accuracy Identification of Protein-Protein Interface Hot-Spots. Article.
Computational studies of G protein-coupled receptor complexes: Structure and dynamics. Article.
Membrane proteins structures: A review on computational modeling tools. Article.


Inhibitory Injury Signaling Represses Axon Regeneration After Dorsal Root Injury. Article.
Ataxin-3 phosphorylation decreases neuronal defects in spinocerebellar ataxia type 3 models. Article.


Ischaemia-induced autophagy leads to degradation of gap junction protein connexin43 in cardiomyocytes. Article.
OXPHOS dysfunction regulates integrin-β1 modifications and enhances cell motility and migration. Article.
Oxidative stress involving changes in Nrf2 and ER stress in early stages of Alzheimer’s disease. Article.
Senescent bronchial fibroblasts induced to senescence by Cr(VI) promote epithelial-mesenchymal transition when co-cultured with bronchial epithelial cells in the presence of Cr(VI). Article.
LRRK2 functions in synaptic vesicle endocytosis through a kinase-dependent mechanism. Article.
Heart ischemia results in connexin43 ubiquitination localized at the intercalated discs. Article.
GluN2B-Containing NMDA Receptors Regulate AMPA Receptor Traffic through Anchoring of the Synaptic Proteasome. Article.


Role of methamphetamine on glioblastoma cytotoxicity induced by doxorubicin and methotrexate. Article.
Pharmacological profile of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) splice variant translation using a novel drug screening assay: a “quantitative code”. Article.
Stimulation of neural stem cell proliferation by inhibition of phosphodiesterase 5. Article.
Ghrelin triggers the synaptic incorporation of AMPA receptors in the hippocampus. Article.
Neurotensin Decreases the Proinflammatory Status of Human Skin Fibroblasts and Increases Epidermal Growth Factor Expression. Article.
Low amounts of mitochondrial reactive oxygen species define human sperm quality. Article.
Systematic comparison of the effects of alpha-synuclein mutations on its oligomerization and aggregation. Article.
Mitochondrial apoptosis-inducing factor is involved in doxorubicin-induced toxicity on H9c2 cardiomyoblasts. Article.


Impact of PLK-1 silencing on endothelial cells and cancer cells of diverse histological origin. Article.
Methylglyoxal further impairs adipose tissue metabolism after partial decrease of blood supply. Arch Physiol Biochem. Article.
2-Bromo-5-hydroxyphenylporphyrins for photodynamic therapy: photosensitization efficiency, subcellular localization and in vivo studies. Article.
Advanced glycation end products and diabetic nephropathy: a comparative study using diabetic and normal rats with methylglyoxal-induced glycation. Article.
Molecular and cellular mechanisms of bone morphogenetic proteins and activins in the skin. Article.
Impaired transcription in Alzheimer’s disease: key role in mitochondrial dysfunction and oxidative stress. Article.
Neurotensin modulates the migratory and inflammatory response of macrophages under hyperglycemic conditions. Article.
Dioxin-induced acute cardiac mitochondrial oxidative damage and increased activity of ATP-sensitive potassium channels in Wistar rats. Article.


CLASPs prevent irreversible multipolarity by ensuring spindle-pole resistance to traction forces during chromosome alignment. Article.
Neuropeptide Y promotes neurogenesis and protection against methamphetamine-induced toxicity in mouse dentate gyrus-derived neurosphere cultures. Article.
Contactin-associated protein 1 (Caspr1) regulates the traffic and synaptic content of α-amino-3-hydroxy-5-methyl-4-isoxazolepropionic acid (AMPA)-type glutamate receptors. Article.
Acute effects of TCDD administration: special emphasis on testicular and sperm mitochondrial function. Article.


Amyloid-β-induced mitochondrial dysfunction impairs the autophagic lysosomal pathway in a tubulin dependent pathway. Article.
Differential effects of p,p’-DDE on testis and liver mitochondria: implications for reproductive toxicology. Article.
Neurotensin downregulates the pro-inflammatory properties of skin-dendritic cells and increases epidermal growth factor expression. Article.


Biochemical characterization of the maltokinase from Mycobacterium bovis BCG. Article.
Beneficial effects of dietary restriction in type 2 diabetic rats: the role of adipokines on inflammation and insulin resistance. Article.
Role of neuropeptides in skin inflammation and its involvement in diabetic wound healing. Article.